Monday, April 19, 2010

big mama

It's so weird that I can be this big, and yet it still hasn't fully sunk in that I'm going to be holding a brand new baby in a few weeks!

I still find myself sitting in my OB's waiting room flipping through Fit Pregnancy magazine, surrounded by young 20-ish moms, and thinking, "I can't believe I'm doing this whole thing again!"

So surreal.

Then off for a tubal ligation we will go!

Well, actually it's been rather fun watching people's reactions when I tell them this is my sixth.

Strangers making small-talk will almost always ask "so is this your first?"
"No, this is number 6 ", I say. And their mouths drop open and they don't know what to say for a couple seconds. So funny.

The best was a Nordstrom cosmetics saleslady in LA a couple months ago. She looked genuinely stunned.....frozen, staring at me for like a full minute. She just couldn't comprehend the insanity, I guess.

Brian gets a kick out of it, too, like when we go baby shopping together.
So we were thinking it's almost worth it to go for a #7 just for the reactions.......

And then I quickly came to my senses.

I think it will be so fun to see the other kids with this baby.

Most of them don't really remember Gus as a tiny baby, so it will all be new to them, & they don't really know what's coming.

I'm stocking up on duct tape, though.

My boys seem to be absolutely incapable of being quiet.
I'm hoping they'll be able to rise to the occasion & mellow out. Not likely. But I'll be ready with my duct tape & dead bolts.

Gus has had some great ideas about this whole baby thing:

How did the baby get in my tummy?

"You stuffed it in there."

What is she going to look like?

"She's going to have tiny hair & pink eyes."

Are you going to be nice to her?

"I'm not going to fight her. I'm going to find toys for her."

How is the baby going to come out of my tummy?

"You're going to spit her out of your mouth."

Love it!


Michelle said...

Oh Nik... you look beautiful!
I remember getting the same comments. SO funny! I wish I would have written them down...

I sure would love to get together!

shawni said...

I'm SO excited this baby is coming so soon!! And you look beautiful.

Hey, call me when you get a sec.. I don't know if you got my message but I have some questions for you.

Love, Shawni

Tracey said...

So fun... I'm jealous.

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