Friday, April 9, 2010

the neighborhood egg hunt

Our annual neighborhood Easter egg hunt is shrinking a little each year as all the kids grow up.
I don't like it. I don't like it at all.
So I'm doing my best to keep our neighborhood young by having this baby.
No one else is willing to help me. Chickens.
This poor baby will be the only one born this year in our area.
I'll have lots of babysitters to choose from, though.

LOVING Gus's face in this pic. WOO HOO!!!


The McGraths said...

you got great pics! My camera died right when they started hunting eggs. whoops! I like to think I added a slew of toddlers but maybe its not enough!

shawni said...

Oh my word, Nicole, you really are amazing. Love these pictures! As to your question on the 4th, we haven't solidified summer plans yet. Are you guys doing Coronado again? I forget when you're due?? Oh man I'm SO excited for you to have that baby!

Rebecca said...

It's always a party in the Mason's neighborhood! I'm in between trips to Guatemala, so...lunch? Wait, that wasn't a question. Lunch, 11:00 or 1:00 on Thursday. I'll call you. Also, I need you to have your baby early...2 weeks okay? It's a good thing you do this blog or I would never know what you were up to! Awesome pics!!

CB said...
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cabrenchley said...

Great pictures as always! I love the ones of the kids laying in the grass. I hope you are feeling well. We are trying to book a weekend at the Del Coronado the end of July or maybe Aug/Sept. You guys are the experts. Any tips on getting a good rate. How do you book your stay?
Caroline Brenchley

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