Friday, April 30, 2010

prom pictures emergency

Our neighbors called last Saturday night wondering if I could help them with a prom emergency.

There was a wardrobe malfunction.
Causing these guys to miss their prom pictures.

It was fun.
Even in my ginormous state.
And I realized I kinda can't wait to get back into it.......

After I take about 3 million pictures of my new baby.



I am so glad you could do that for them. I felt so bad. I was the other photographer. LOVE THEM!

Michelle said...

You are SO good!!!!!

Jen W. said...

Can I just tell you how awesome the pictures turned out! Thanks for helping us with our emergency. Your pictures truely rocked! They kids loved them! They have been getting so many compliments. I will call to settle up the $$$. Thanks again to an awesome neighbor willing to help even though she had a huge (no pun intended) not to!

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