Sunday, April 18, 2010

Is it wrong......

..........that Father & Sons campout weekend is probably my most favorite weekend of the year???

Poor Brian was in charge of the whole thing this year too.
He pretty much collapsed on our bed (without taking a shower first - gross) when he got back.
But the boys...........they loved it!

Mars & I went shopping & went to dinner & slept in & enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Man! It was great. (Though much too short)

Only about 363 days til the next one!

Not that I'm counting.


Holly said...

Ha ha! Love it! Brett didn't take the boys this year...but is making it up this weekend by taking ALL of the kids for 2 whole days. Whatever shall I do with myself? {big grin}

shawni said...

In our family Dave is the one who gets to relax at Father and Sons. Lucky guy. I still have fun with my brood of girls though.

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