Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter Sunday

What a wonderful, chill Easter we had this year!

The Easter Bunny found us & brought Marlee what she wanted.......a whole basket full of Cadbury Creme eggs.
Gross, I know.

And I love it when Easter falls on General Conference Sunday, or "church-on-TV" as the kids call it.

I quickly noticed a theme this Conference.
The primary role of parents as teachers of the gospel to our children.
I felt they were all talking specifically to me.
I fall way short in this & I felt very inspired.
But the inspiration faded so fast & the busyness of everyday life just shoved it out of the way.
Must. Stay. Inspired.
But right now I blame everything on the fact that I look like this!

A big slug is what I am.

After General Conference we had a fabulous dinner,

then on to the Easter egg hunt!

I don't normally condone "potty-talk" in our home, but I let this slide.
Every year we have a Poo egg. One that spent too much time in every color of dye to end up a nice brownish color.
There's alot of excitement when someone finds the Poo egg.
Weird, I know. But I have 4 boys so this kind of stuff happens.

Happily checking out the goods.


the first egg was thrown..........

..........which quickly escalated.......... this!


And I had to include this picture because he looks just so dang hot!

Cute cousin Blake.

It was a beautiful Easter Sunday, with my beautiful family of seven......soon to be eight!
Only a few more weeks to go!


Amanda said...

Such a beautiful family! Your baby belly looks really tiny for number 6 :) Can't wait to see your sweet baby girl pics!! Best wishes!

The McGraths said...

You guys are so cute! and fun!

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