Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let the whole world fade away......

I'm the oldest of 6.
So, in my house growing up, there was always a baby's room.
And in the baby's room, above the rocking chair, next to the macrame hanging plant-holder ( this was the 70's you know), hung a framed cross-stitch that said the following........

Cleaning and scrubbing
Can wait til tomorrow;
For babies grow up,
We've learned, to our sorrow.

So quiet down cobwebs,
Dust, go to sleep;
For I'm rocking my baby,
And babies don't keep.
I'm soaking this baby in.

Every little yummy bit of her.

So cleaning & scrubbing will definitely wait til tomorrow, among many other things.

I have the rest of my entire life to run around like a crazy, busy person.

So I'm going to rock this baby for as long as I can.


shawni said...

I can't stay here...I'm drooling for a baby. I am SOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOO happy for you! She is so beautiful and I'm dying to come meet her. As soon as all this crazy commotion school stuff gets out of my way. Boy howdy I can't wait. Don't let her grow too much 'til I can get over to hold her!
Love, Shawni

Tracey said...

Oh my... she is darling! That definitely makes me baby hungry. I am so glad you are enjoying her as much as you are! Congratulations.

HELLO my name is Jill said...

these photos are gorgeous! She is so so pretty!!

Stephanie said...

Yay! She's here! It does go so fast. My Aidan is 4 months already and I can't believe it. Congratulations! She is beautiful!

HollyC said...

She is a beauty! I love the dark hair and I just bet she's as cuddly as she looks! Congrats!

Robyn said...

You are ruining my birth control plans.

I may have to stop visiting :)

Amanda said...

Oh you are one lucky momma right now! New baby is THE best feeling. Enjoy so much!
I know I'd never want to put her down if she were mine.
Are all the boys asking to hold her? How's little Gus?

Lanny's Favorites said...

I can smell her all the way in Gilbert...she smells so new. So good. I miss the smell. But that's all I miss. :)
She's so pretty.

Felicity said...

Congratulations! She is so beautiful!! I can't wait to have my own little bundle in about 7 weeks :) As always your photos are's like you have a 'light angel' that follows you around shining the perfect light on all your subjects! beautiful!

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