Sunday, May 30, 2010

Things We've Learned So Far About Caroline......


likes to tuck her little thumbs into her fists

looks the most like Gus or Marlee so far

has a birthmark on her hip

is ticklish

is not a fan of being swaddled

loves to be wide awake at 4 AM

makes lots of little noises......our favorite being the billy goat noises

loves to stretch out

has furry little ears & shoulders

gets greasy hair after its' "petted" a few hundred times

is this Grandma's last grandchild

smells so yummy I can hardly stand it!

..........and is quite popular at home and around the neighborhood.


shawni said...

She is gorgeous. I'm just going to come barging in to see her soon. What do you need? Can I bring dinner?

Lisa Harris said...

She is perfection. Ilove to see the pics of the kids so proud of their new little sister. So sweet.

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