Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Junior High here he comes!

Jake had his 6th grade graduation, or 'promotion' as they called it.

It was a nice little program, with a slideshow of all the students' Kindergarten, and then current pictures, speeches, and awards given out. Jake was one of a handful of kids who got a 'Big Improvement' award, or something about 'overcoming obstacles of some kind during the school year'. I can't remember how they put it. And we were like, "Whaa??" What's that about? Those kind of "awards" go to the kids that have a parent in jail, or kicked their smoking-pot-behind-the-portables habit, or something like that. Brian & I just looked at each other. Not clapping. We're still trying to figure out what obstacles he overcame. Maybe they found out about his compulsion to slip homework assignments behind the piano or under the couch, thinking that they would just 'go away'. Or.....I know I haven't been the most attentive mom this school year with the pregnancy & everything, but I didn't think I was that bad. We're a little perplexed........

(Notice how Jake's surrounded by girls)

But I was surprised that the whole event made me a little sad. In a bittersweet way. These kids were all so excited to be done with elementary school & moving on to 'so much cooler' junior high. And I wanted to scream at them, "Wait! You'll never have it this good again! You'll never have recess ever again. You'll never have your own desk with a cute nametag & pencil cup on it ever again. You'll never get to pick out prizes for reading books ever again. You'll never have a school library with beanbags & stuffed animals in it ever again.

They have no idea what's ahead of them. And I guess that's a good thing. So wonderfully naive.

Not that junior high is so horrible. But there certainly aren't any beanbags there.

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shawni said...

I love this...I'm mourn that Elle's done with elementary school too. Love that they had a little promotion thing...and that Jake is so very improved! ;)

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