Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Last week.....

.......we blessed Caroline in church.
It was a beautiful blessing & I was so glad she didn't cry during it.

Gus discovered the freedom of Floaties.

Mars & some friends got really bored.

Caroline, or 'Toots', as we call her, turned 3 weeks old & added more chunk to those cheeks.

And she started sleeping 4 hours staight at night!.......

........my little angel!

Zane had his first Swim Meet & was not too happy about his 5th place ribbon (which he's hiding behind his back).....but made a quick recovery when we mentioned going to Sonic.

Our peaches are now ripe & we need to eat them before the birds do.

We were also glad to have Jake back from Scout camp (more on that later),

and Marlee started Volleyball camp,

and Jake & Max had their first Water Polo match,

and our bedroom TV died, so we had to get a new one,

and the kids decided it's OK to have ice cream cones for breakfast when Mom's still asleep,

and I've been constantly buried in laundry, what with baby stuff & beach towels,


and I ran over my brand new stroller.


Jen said...

At least Baby Caroline wasn't in it! Can't wait to see her. She is so adorable! See you guys in a few -

Michelle said...

Oh no!!!! Is it completely smashed???

HELLO my name is Jill said...

That is just the way of it!!! you make me laugh. sorry to be laughing about your stroller haha!! cute post, cute baby!

Amanda said...

bummer about the tv and stroller
gosh life just happens, doesn't it.
I see little bits of Gus in the picture of Caroline on the changing pad. So sweet! Totally funny about the kiddos eating ice cream for breakfast. LOVE the girls get ups! So Napolean Dynamite!

Cara said...

I ♥ your blog! And I love that you posted the good bad and the ugly - we are all there so don't feel bad. Summer - isn't it the best!

Lisa Harris said...

I love 3 things about this-
..How beautiful Caroline is.
...That Marlee and her friends come up with awesome boredom activities.
...that Zane is on swim team so we will see each other one of these Thursday nights.

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