Thursday, June 17, 2010

Don't you want one of these?

You know you do!

We have seven to choose from.

Look how cute they are!

And they come from such a loving home.

I mean, just look at how loved they are.

And so tolerant of constant molestation!

Please help!

They're absolutely free & I'm happy to deliver.


HELLO my name is Jill said...

my kids would LOVE LOVE LOVE anything with fur and a pulse, and they are cute but yeah not a chance. Take them to the grocery store and sell them like they're girl scout cookies. you can even name them after them... tagalong... thin mint... see? perfect :) have fun with those!!

Amanda said...

Oh they are so super cute! I'd have you deliver the little orange one if we lived closer :)

shawni said...

my kids would die for one those cute things. you've got some lucky kids over there with all those pets. I'm going to hide this post from my kids...too much jealousy will ensue. I can't stand that I still haven't seen that baby! I can't wait so get to soak her up in a couple weeks!

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