Thursday, June 24, 2010


It was a little rough for this guy right after Caroline was born.
I mistakenly thought it wouldn't be a big deal with Gus being a big 4-year-old and able to communicate well & everything.
I was wrong.
He's been King of our Castle for 4 long years with Mom at his beck & call for his every whim & desire, and then one day, with much celebration, he's ousted from his throne by a new little princess!
Tough times!
He retaliated by being a royal pain, mostly to me. Saying mean things to me, which he never does. But luckily, has always been sweet to our little princess.
Now that the novelty has worn off, he's back to being his delightful self, though more grown up now.
He's taken to his new role as 'one of the big boys'.
He's definitely not a baby anymore.
But he'll always be my baby boy.

Big princess & little princess.
Marlee is loving having a little sister at last.

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