Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Zane!

There's no pretending here.

He really is a Jedi Master.

This kid KILLS me!!!

Zane's 6th birthday Star Wars swim party.
One day these boys will be teenagers & how hilarious will this picture be then?!!

Check out these sweet poses.
Where does he get this stuff?

This one's my favorite.

It was a complete SPAZZ-FEST!

He says that he can stop wetting the bed now that he's 6.
We've got our fingers crossed.


Leigh said...

Don't count on the bed wettingness being over at 6. Keagan gave me the same shpeal. We're still in pull-ups! Happy birthday Zane! Love his sweet Jedi poses. I've got a few of my own, we'll have to share.

Holly said...

LOVE the pics and totally lovin' the Bryson never even tied his shorts up. Ha ha! I'm surprised he didn't lose them in the pool. He was obviously too excited to stop and take care of that. Bryson could NOT stop talking about the really cool cake and all of the fun that he had.

Ben and Amberly said...

Happy Birthday Jedi Master! Zane cracks me up!! His poses are the best. He's awesome. The party looks like a blast and I love the cake.

Michelle said...

This makes me SUPER excited to be having another boy! I'm so tired of Princess Parties!!!

Tracey said...

Your pictures are amazing & your kids are so cute!

Melissa said...

Hey Nic! I just found your blog from Jen's site and it is great to see your fam. I am sooo amazed at how much they have grown up! Your pictures are absolutely beautiful and you are seriously talented Nicole. They are just some of the most gorgeous pictures that I have ever seen. :)

Banks Family said...

I think Zane and Davis are the same kid!! That looks like my life Star Wars all day...not to mention wetting the bed, when will it end. I'm glad you found my blog. Davis and Zane would play great together!!

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