Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Cell Phone

We swore that we wouldn't think of getting her a cell phone til at least high school!
I mean, it's so ridiculous how every teenager & even 5th & 6th-graders have their own cell phones now!!
It's just wrong!!!
Then, in a moment of birthday weakness...............
So, let me explain myself.
My big problem with cell phones is the constant texting.
Brian has teenagers all the time, laid back in the chair (he's an Orthodontist), texting the whole time with their phone in their lap..........they can't even see it!!!
It's not a good thing!
So, I had texting disabled on her phone.
And she's quite OK with that. She's just so thrilled to have one.
And I must say, it does come in handy, like when she needs me to pick her up when she's done with an after-school activity, or if I ever need to reach her........since it's literally attached to her hip!!
And, there is not a more powerful bargaining tool out there.
She'll do anything to not lose her phone.
She'll even play with her little brothers, to not lose her phone!
She is now under my complete control!!
Well....... I won't go that far.


Holly said...

Ha ha! Don't you LOVE having power over your kids? One little threat about taking away video game time and I can get WHATEVER I want - it's great!

Jen said...

I just took a cell phone away this morning. It's a great way to reign them back in to an unselfish, not talking back, loving to her sisters, happily helping around the house, state! You gotta have something, right?

CDHowey said...

Meagan showed me your blog.. You are so cute.. I love all your pictures seriously you got some talent... and I can't believe how big your kids are getting. Well now... I will be stalking you guys!!!
Good luck with the cell phone... My kids have been begging... I am sure someday soon I will cave in. They really are just such a convenience these days.

Julie Huish said...

This same post could have been written about my Cassie. The girl is magnetically attached to her phone. I also had a moment of birthday weakness but it definately has its benefits-especially the powerful bargaining tool! haha

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