Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Soccer Season 2008

I succeeded in talking everyone out of soccer this season except Zane & Marlee.
Soccer is probably Marlee's favorite sport, so of course she was doing it. And Zane insisted that he wanted to play & promised he wouldn't whine about going to any practices.......and he didn't do too bad about that!
He was really into it this year.

I loved how these little guys' legs (and arms) would go flying up in the air after a big give-it-your-all kick!

After every goal, Zane would give me a thumbs-up , just like this.

Mars is such an athletic little thing.........she really is.
She loves her soccer games!!!
And I love watching her play..........every Friday night (big smiley face).

Hanging out at the soccer fields........

I never planned on being this kind of mom.
The one that brings her dirty-faced, stained t-shirt, shoeless, snot-nosed kids out in public.
Yet here I am.
Well........one of them had shoes........and there wasn't too much snot.........but it was still pretty bad!
(And we happen to be going through a bandaid fetish phase.)
I was even aware of how they looked before I left, and I chose not to bother with it!
I just made sure I had some cash for some Sonic tater-tots & slushes for lunch, threw them in the car, and headed to the game.

Zane LOVES having me take pictures of him like this.

"How old are you, Gus?"

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Lisa said...

I just love your pictures! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving!

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