Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A little trip to Palm Springs

Beautiful Palm Springs!

OK, Palm Springs is not very beautiful, in my opinion.......... but what was beautiful was the totally relaxing time I had there.

Friday went like this:

Sleep in.

Go on a little jog.

Lay out by the pool.

Order a Diet Coke & lunch by the pool.

Take a nap.

Get a pedi and a mani (which I never do!)

Go to dinner with my hubs (who was at lectures all day)

Go see the new James Bond movie (Ya, baby!!)

It was pretty much the best day of my life!

And.... all with my BFF Bek!!

Next, we met up with the Bakers for a little adventure.........

It's always an adventure when Brian's driving!

We couldn't believe how smoky the air was from all the LA area fires.

"Would you STOP taking pictures!"

"OK, FINE! I'll try some gang signs."

Yeeaahhhh! Sweet gang signs, guys.

My new pedi.

(Yes, I know we look like we're in Junior High....with wrinkles.......but we had so much fun!!!)

We hit Sprinkles, did a little shopping, then dinner at this cool Greek place.

We took a picture at dinner, but we all looked SO BAD I couldn't post it.

Lobby fun.

It's ALWAYS a good time with the Garns.
They're our fave travel buddies............. AND pretty much whatever we do with them is a business expense!
Love you guys!


Michelle said...

I am so so jealous right now.

Rebecca said...

Oh yeah, I love how a little road trip with the Mason's is so well documented! Brian picked that cute little was very cool and in the perfect location. We missed you Michelle. :)

sherry said...

How fun I am jealous! It has been a while since we took a road trip. I am considering looking at this post every day as motivation to lose weight. You all look so skinny and cute. And let's face it, fat travel pics simply aren't as fun!;)

Holly said...

Oh fun!!! Good times! Little getaways simply are the best. I need one of really, really bad! Um, can we please get together and go take some pictures or go get some frozen yogurt or maybe both!

Marianne said...


Hi! it's Marianne (Zemp) Bates. I found your blog on Del and Jen's page....and i love it....totally stalking it! You look fantastic and I love your posts. OK, so my memory of AZ is so cloudy (although i do remember you teaching me how to make toffee)and i can't remember who was friends with who, but is that Becky Profit??? She looks familiar. Did you know the Profits? They had like 72 kids I think. I'm probably wrong, but had to ask.

Leigh said...

Ok, just looking at those boys in the 3rd row makes me carsick! Hope you had the pewter salad bowl handy! Looks like you guys had a blast in Cali (again!) I'm jealous.

Nicole said...

I hope you read this.
YES! That is Becky Proffitt! (And they only had 11 kids!) We have been friends this whole time, were in Dental school together & now our husbands practice together.
You need to set up a blog so I can see what you're up to!!
I don't even know where you are!


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