Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dog For Sale

How about for free!!!
In fact, I'll pay you to come and get her!

Uugghhhh! I shouldn't be so mean, but she really drives me crazy.

This is what I look at all day from my kitchen, her moping, needy face............that is when she's not either chewing up driplines or shoes or balls, or barking on purpose so that I'll let her in, so she won't annoy the neighbors.

I'm paying dearly for my moment of Christmas weakness last year. I have no one to blame but myself.

BUT, the kids love her.........she's a part of our family now. Tears well up in Jake's eyes when Brian & I joke about feeding her to the coyotes. We're so mean!

I guess I'm stuck with her.


Erin L said...

okay, i'm coming out. i found your blog randomly a while ago and absolutely love your pictures. my husband is just starting to get into photography and he also likes your pics. i have to ask - what kind of camera/lense do you use? i really like how your backgrounds are so out of focus and your colors so bright. hope you don't mind is i keep checking back. feel free to check out my own "mormon mommy blog."

Wendy Z said...

Nicole - I so totally know what you mean about your beagle. We have one too - his name is Tucker. We have often said that he is lucky he is sooo cute or else he would have been long gone. He is such a pain!!! We have often commented about feeding him to the mountain lions (that's what we have up here in our neck of the woods) - we will keep him as long as he hangs on but I will never get another beagle!!! :) I was on Michelle's blog and saw the pics you took of little mr Jason - gosh you take the most beautiful pics - maybe when we come for the reunion in 09 I will have to get you to take some family pics :) Looking forward to catching up - Wendy (Wildish) Zyzniewski :)

Asia Pets said...

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