Tuesday, November 11, 2008


If you're ever needing a little intellectual humility, come on over to a Junior High NAL match.

NAL stands for National Academic League, and the new season is just getting started.

This is Marlee's second year in it & she LOVES it!

Last year their team was #2 IN THE NATION!

Now, I consider myself to be fairly intelligent. I mean, I got mostly A's in school & I do pretty well playing Trivial Pursuit (except the Sports category). So I thought it'll be so fun to watch these meets & see how many questions I can answer....................I'm thinking I'll be able to get most of them, right?........................try ONE OR TWO!!!!

Quite humbling.

These kids are SMART!

The matches are pretty complex, with hand buzzers & speed rounds & presentations, in all academic subjects.

Here's a few examples:

Name the capital of Botswana?


Translate these Roman numerals into Arabic numerals: CMXIIL


Who is the current Secretary of Education?

Margaret Spellings

Give an example of a gymnosperm.

pine tree

Get any of those???
I sure couldn't.
I swear kids are smarter these days.

It's competitive academics.......SO right up Mars' alley!

This picture has nothing to do with NAL, but I can't post without a picture.
I took this last Sunday. Mars is lovin' her new braces!

Good luck this season Mars Bars!!


Holly said...

Um, holy smokes! I didn't know a single answer either. Of course, I am the "dumb" one in my family. I wasn't valedictorian or anything like that - just a few scholarships here and there. Ha! How fun for Marley! It looks like she's loving her braces a LOT more than I'm lovin mine.

HELLO my name is Jill said...

Thanks for the tip on where to get the rolls of paper. I don't know why I didn't think of Tempe Camera. What colors do you use the most? My dad gave me a bunch but the colors are odd like grass green and royal blue.

the Hornes said...

You guys have it all! Good looks, smarts, etc. etc.! I love seeing the pics! Marlee looks adorable in her braces! Mindy

Michelle said...

I'm dumb. I didn't even know 1/2 the words you typed were even real words! :)
She must get her smarts from you!!

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