Sunday, August 16, 2009

Family Reunion

I have to admit, a family reunion in a lodge in the-middle-of-nowhere, Utah, with about 200 people, sleeping in bunkbeds, is not my idea of a vacation. But we hadn't made it to one of these reunions since 1999 (I know this because that's where Max was conceived.... in a tent). So it was time to make a showing before my parents disowned me. Not that I don't love my family. I have some great peeps. And there's alot of them. I have over 60 cousins on this one side! But it's hard to make a vacation of it. I'd rather spend vacation time on a beach somewhere, ya know? And I couldn't help thinking the whole time that last year we were here. But we packed up the Suburban & headed ........

Altamont, Utah.
About 2 1/2 hours east of Salt Lake.
Middle. Of. Nowhere.

But my great-grandparents homesteaded this area. And so my grandpa grew up here, and met grandma here. So I loved it because of that.

My beautiful little sister, Jen, and her boys.
Cory was home studying for the Bar. My awesome sister Holly & her darling family.

Zane's first solo ride on an ATV.
There were alot of ATVs up there & my kids were loving it.

My Aunt Wendy & Uncle Bryce & family.

My brother Shawn playing the game show host for a Family Feud game.
He was the shizzle.

Aunt Janet & Uncle Steve.

Aunt Connie & Uncle Steve & family.

Swimming with cotton candy!
Does it get much better?

The game room.

My Mom's very first ATV ride.
This was a big moment for her. She said she wanted to ride on one before she died.
Look at how much fun she had!

My Uncle Greg & Aunt Cathy & family.

These boys swore they knew how to play Settlers. Rigghhhht.

My 2 sisters, my Mom, and my 3 sisters-in-law, and me. Yes, I was there.
And I can't believe I posted this picture.

My Mom's going to kill me.
At least I made it to the reunion!
And it was alot of fun. The kids had a total blast. They love hanging out with their cousins & there was so much fun stuff to do.

Can't wait til the next one!


Michelle said...

Your mom looks fantastic. I sure miss her!

Rebecca said...

I can't believe you are related to all those people!!

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