Sunday, September 19, 2010

I wish I were bored.

I was just thinking........when was the last time I've heard anyone (besides my kids) say they were bored?

I mean, wouldn't it be refreshing if you asked someone, "Hey!  What are you up to?" and they said, "Oh, absolutely nothing. I'm totally bored."

I don't think anyone ever has.

Because we're all so busy.

And I think it's interesting how we all like to talk about just how busy we are.
Like the busiest person wins a prize, or something.
We wear our busy-ness like a badge of importance.
Because crazy-busy people must be really important and successful, right?
And then, I admit,  I find myself judging others who talk about how busy they are when they only have 2 kids, or something, and I'm thinking, "You don't even know what busy is. I mean, come on!

So is it the busier, the better?

I don't think my kids would say so.

A few years ago, Marlee told me she only wants to have 2 kids when she grows up.
"Why?" I asked her.
And she tells me, "Because, I don't want to be so crazy & busy like you".


Apparently I don't handle busy-ness very well & it comes across as bad crazy.

What's a mom to do?

Personally, I like to be busy most of the time, because I like feeling productive and that makes me happy.  And I feel the weight of my responsibility to create the best possible childhoods for these six sweet souls that have been entrusted to us.  And there's so much that has to be done to make a great childhood.  It goes so fast & they only get one!  What a massive responsibility!

I've been thinking about the saying......."Slow down, and everything you're chasing will come around and catch you."

Does that mean if I ignore the laundry and sit and play 10 games of Go Fish with Gus instead, that somehow, by the end of the day, I'll find the laundry magically clean & folded?
I wish!
But what I think it really means is that we will find those sweet, memorable moments that make up the beauty in our lives, most often during the slow times, when we put the busy-ness on the backburner, when we stop to smell the roses, when we sit & enjoy how funny it is to play Go Fish with a 4-year-old.
And the laundry does eventually get done somehow.

I think I'm going to try to be more bored.  And slow.

Well, maybe after Halloween.  So much Halloween stuff to do.

And here's my main reason for my lack of boredom.........

This chica.

There's no one I'd rather be bored, or busy with.


HELLO my name is Jill said...

it's so true. everyone is busy. dang it! I was just thinking the other day how women in our current position only have time for quick friendship (as opposed to full on friendships... you know like highschool girlfriends) because we are all too busy with our kids and life that we just don't have the time to invest in anyone else. and it made me a little sad but the reality is there's no getting around it, we must all attend to our family and maybe when the kids move out some of those quick friendships can blossom :) I may just be dreaming but a girl can dream can't she?

shawni said...

That is so funny because I was JUST thinking that same thing...talking to other moms it seems like that's all we talk about, like the comparison of how busy we really are. And I was JUST thinking I'm just not going to talk about it anymore! It makes me tired to even think about it. My heart just rushing around not being able to get to everything. I've been thinking how I need to just stop worrying about how fast life is going by and not being able keep up and just ride the waves. (and cut a few things out). But you're right, Halloween IS coming, and then Thanksgiving, and then Christmas...shoot. Maybe I'll slow down after that...

Kim Skinner said...

love love your turquoise chair!
and seriously...if you ever decide to do a studio lighting class for hire, I'm in.

Michelle said...

Nicole... she's so beautiful. I can't believe I haven't met her yet :( Keep the pictures coming!

The Proctor Family said...

I know you're busy...but call me! I haven't talked to you in sooo long! Caroline is getting so big!

Corrie said...

oh bless, she is just so cute! my baby 4 arrives next month and I just can't seem to remember how much time a baby takes - isn't it funny how you forget!



Susan said...

This was one awesome post!!! What a wise woman you truly are.

My children are now grown, and it seems like yesterday my youngest was begging me to play Go Fish.

Well, this past weekend I got to do it with my 2 granddaughter. I loved every minute.

Only if I could of slowed down more often when they were young.

I'm new to your site, and I'm not sure if I've told you how much your photography INSPIRES me!


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