Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It's been interesting watching Zane go from Halo-obsessed couch potato to hoopster madman these past couple of months.  Now that video games are gone, he's had to channel that energy & obsessive behavior elsewhere.  Luckily to basketball. 
A bunch of his buddies had a team put together & he was able to join it.  He had never played before. Had never had any interest in it. Would only go to Suns games with his Dad for the pop & icecream.  But when I told him he was going to join a team, he was very concerned that he needed to be good at it before the practices started. I told him not to worry, that the practices are for learning how to play & then improving.  But he was determined to get this basketball thing down.  He started shooting out in our driveway as soon as he'd get home from school.  For hours.  Every day.  And he morphed from awkward to awesome right before our eyes.

It was such a great little team.

Now he begs to go to Suns games, and he's totally into it the whole time.
And when he was out shooting in the driveway the other day, he goes to make a shot and says,  "I was born to play basketball."

I'm so relieved.

I've been afraid he was born to play Halo.

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pakosta said...

that's hilarious!!!
he looks like he is awesome at it just from the pix!

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