Wednesday, March 23, 2011


First of all, I loved reading every single comment from some super-awesome blogfriends.  I don't know if I could have made it through this latest mothering meltdown without you.  I feel supported and validated and am now the proud owner of a Leapfrog Letter Factory DVD.  Thanks guys!

And then, about my strike.....

I wasn't kidding.  I truly went on strike, refusing to pick up, put away, or clean up anything!  It was freeing. It was empowering. And it was a mess. 
Brian couldn't handle it. (anal-retentive)   He'd call the house before he was coming home & get Max or Jake to clean it up for $5.  I did manage to get some things done that I wouldn't have otherwise.  Like getting my garden going.  I would focus on what I wanted to accomplish & then not let myself get sidetracked by dirty countertops & Oreos all over the floor.  Notice how I'm writing this in past tense.  Yeah, it couldn't last forever.  But we did make some changes.  A new-and-improved job chart for the kids, lowering Brian's expectations, me learning to overlook some messiness in order to focus on more important things......

And this leads me to my favorite new quote:

"An immaculate house is the sign of
    a wasted life."


So basketball ended, and now we're into baseball.  Max got on a great little Minors team, and Brian is coaching Zane's coach-pitch team.

We're spending alot of Saturdays at volleyball tournaments.

Gus & his besties were found the other day skinny-dipping in a front-yard fountain down the street.  Three of them.  Buck naked.  And I don't have a picture of it!  Dang it!!!

Max advanced from Cub to Boy Scouts at our Luau-themed Blue & Gold Banquet.

The entertainment was.........entertaining.
The boys performed the 'haka'.

We were so happy to have the elementary school carnival overwith.  Brian was in charge of the silent auction again this year.  It's a ton of work & we're always relieved when it's over!  It went really well, though.  And no one came home with any live animals, so that's always nice.  Speaking of animals, would anyone out there want a charming, handicapped cat who likes to poop all over patios?.........Anyone?............

This crappy picture is the only one I got at the Carnival.

In my quest to keep my thighs from rubbing together, I've taken up running.
I've lost some of my baby weight, but I still have a ways to go.  I'm just not at my Ideal Lovemaking Weight yet, and running is the best way for me to get there, since I'm not about to stop eating sugar & white flour, or something crazy like that.  Consistency is my problem.  I'm good at making excuses.  It's either too hot or too cold, too early or too late, too tired, too headache-y, too menstrual, too many kids at home to leave unattended, you name it.  So my new motto is,  "No More Excuses".  I was doing pretty good until Spring Break.
Time to get back out there.

My baby girl is crawling all over the place now. 

 And opening cupboards and drawers.  And then eventually bonking her head or face on the cupboard or drawer.  Which is so sad.  And just the other day, she pulled herself up to standing!  I'm so not ready to have her walking & doing other grown-up baby things like that yet.  She'll be one in two months and it's freaking me out!

She's such a messy eater!


And we just got back from spending Spring Break skiing in Utah.

Now I need a real vacation.  Family ski trips are not exactly relaxing.  More like exhausting.  But it was fun.  I picked up a super-nasty cold along the way, though, and am still trying to get over it.

Much more on this trip later!


Steph said...

Love the update!! I think I might need to go on strike in my house too! I lovelovelove that quote! It's on my fridge! :)

The picture of you kissing Max's nose made me cry...I love it!!

Great update! So funny on the skinny dipping in the fountain!


Lanny's Favorites said...

Vacation? It's not too late to come to Italy :) But then again, we'll be with you know who and you know we won't be "resting"!!
Love you!
I wish we lived closer...maybe I'd run with you. Maybe. I'll bet I'm better at coming up with excuses :)
Glad your back... I've missed reading your Blog.

Michelle said...

Oops... I was logged into my other email... but then again, it's not like you wouldn't know who this was, right? How many Lanny's do you know??

Tracy said...

Love the quote! I need to incorporate that one. My husband has always said "you either have a clean house or you have kids" when he complains about the mess, I remind him of that, however, he recently told me you have to draw the line somewhere...I think your quote might put him back in his place!

The scout pics are great - we have our sports themed blue and gold banquet this weekend - our first, so I am looking forward to it.

Loved your update and running is a sure way to get that weight off...I recently became a running, stick to it and good luck!

val said...

oh how i love your blog. i remember when my mom went on strike when the six of us were kids. man, the place fell apart.
expectations can be a terrible thing. that's what i've come to realize. esp with the housework that is never-ending. i'm doing the same approach, picking one or two things that must get done and letting the other things go by the wayside.
LOVE the quote about an immaculate house. and true. i don't want to miss out on anything worthwhile because i was too busy cleaning or tidying...even tho you can't have the house be a sty all the time.
look at me rambling like we're bff. thanks for the smiles today.

Jaime said...

From your blog post and the comments left for you - I am now the proud owner of THREE Leapster DVDs! Love the picture of you in the middle of it all - with your kids in the kitchen/dining room! ;)

Love your update!!!

brandy said...

I love that quote! It's going on my fridge right now. I always need a reminder to slow down and enjoy the view. The views of my sweet kiddos. Loved your pictures as usual!

nella said...

The Leapster DVD's worked with our 2 older kids. I should probably be pulling them out for our younger 2 now. Yeah, there aren't any crack-fallers in our family (ha!).

Love the quote. I love to amuse myself by looking at the PBK catalogs. Not just because I get sucked into buying so much adorable stuff, but because everything is impossibly clean. You've gotta love the playroom pics with kids and their ONE basket of toys out on the rug. If my kids did that they would probably be coming down with something.

Erin L said...

I always heard it "Boring women have immaculate homes." Either way, its a great quote. I must be really exciting!!!

p.s. I just love your blog. Your pictures are beautiful. Your family is adorable. Thanks for letting me drop in.

pakosta said...

your blog is like a breath of fresh air, real, entertaining and full of life and love. your photos are amazing. you are an amazing mom!
and that baby, goodness she is CUTE!

Jill said...

I love how "real" you are. keep posting and taking such breath taking pictures of life.

Jaime Leigh said...

I love that you went on strike!!! You are offically my hero!!!

"Nevermind the Mess I am making memories with my children" -(that is my excuses quote for my poor house keeping skills) =)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I just found your blog (through Pinterest!) and I have a couple of comments.
1. I want your life. You have the kind of balance and family I would love to achieve. I'm just getting started.
2. Do people confuse you for your daughter? I did.
3. "Ideal Lovemaking Weight." Amazing. Finally someone put into words exactly how I am feeling about my 13 month post baby body.
4. If you ever come to the East coast will you please let me know so I can beg you to take pics of my family?

I linked to your blog on my own- hope that's okay. It's the only way I remember to read my favorites.


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