Sunday, March 6, 2011

Who knew?

Mars the sprinting star.

We're cracking up that Marlee decides to do track this year, after a mediocre season last year in junior high running the 800, and this time gets put in as a sprinter, running the 100 meter dash & the 200, and is doing awesome!

After the first meet, she did so well that they moved her up to Varsity, and was able to compete in an Invitational last Friday for the best runners of eight high schools in the valley.  And she did awesome in that!  Second in her heat.  Not bad for a little sophomore.

She always was a fast little sucker.

So these days, she has track after school til about 5:30 every day, unless there's a meet, which can go until 8 or 9.  And then she has volleyball from 6:30 til 9 two days a week & tournaments on Saturdays. Young Womens on Wed. nights.  And then trying to fit in studying for all of her AP classes around all of that! 
Busy times!  I like it.  No time for boys.


Nancy said...

I'm having one of those days today and when I came to see if you were too, I saw your track star. good for her! Lol, funny... I was looking to the blog world of strangers to make myself feel better about being a spaz! haha! Hello 2011.

pakosta said...

awesome! and yes, with that beautiful face, it's best to keep her FAR away from the boys!
tell her that's awesome she is so sporty! wish my girls were, but they aren't at ALL!

Jaime said...

You sure she's not training to CHASE the boys?!

Not that's she'd have to of course... that cutie pie!

Busy kids = Busy Mom; hope you're holding up ok!

The Proctor Family said...

It seems like Mars is good at anything she does! What a talent! How great that she's not into boys yet. It seems like they start so young these days. (I sound like I'm an old grandma) Hee! Hee!

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