Thursday, March 4, 2010

And the rest of LONDON

Finally, the rest of our super-fun trip to London back in May.........

Here we are in Paddington station fresh off our flight.
After we got settled in at my awesome cousin's place......did I mention they live in a flat basically across the street from Kensington Palace?.......we headed over to Kensington Gardens & Palace.

Kensington Palace was Princess Diana's main residence, and this is part of the front gates where everyone piled their flowers & such when she died.

Just one of the amazing ceilings inside.

Some of the gardens.
I'm lovin' Mars' red sweater in these pictures. So British.

Big Ben.

Just a random alleyway in Kensington. How cute is that? And there's that wisteria again. Love.

I asked this guy, called a Beefeater, at the entrance of the Tower of London, if I could snap a picture of him, since I loved his uniform so, and he comes at me like he was going to give me a big smooch! So funny! But I loved his happy face in this picture.

The Tower of London is a must if you ever go to London.
Very cool.

This is Brian when he realized he missed Morrissey in concert here at the Royal Albert Hall by one bloody day!!

The London Bridge.

Parliament & Big Ben again, on the Thames River.
We so lucked out on weather!

We had time to hit the Imperial War Museum, which was way cool.
Brian, being the World War II buff that he is, was lovin' it.

And you can't go to London without experiencing Harrod's.
Words can not describe.
Here's Marlee buying some yummies in one of the Chocolate Rooms. Yes, rooms, entire rooms that are so decked out they look like museums, full of everything you can possibly imagine. This one full of chocolates from all over the world.

Our last morning here before our flight home, we got breakfast at the Le Orangerie in Kensington Gardens.

Scones with clotted cream & fresh-squeezed OJ..........I so wish I were there right now!

Then we were off to Heathrow. And back to reality.

This is Jeff & Christeena's place that they were so nice to share with us. It made it that much more fun to return 'home' after a long day of sight-seeing & hang out with them. They took such great care of us.

I've probably said this twenty times by now, but it really was a completely FABULOUS trip.

I feel so blessed that we were able to do it.

Marlee has now decided she wants to live in London when she's done with school. Or Ireland. Or France. She's seriously been bitten by the travel bug since this trip. Or maybe she just wants to get far, far , away from us.......... either way she'll need to start saving up now!

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Lori said...

Please,please will you do a photography workshop? I will fly from Salt Lake City if you just say the word.

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