Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday night at the Drive-ins

So this picture is not great, to say the least, 6400 ISO couldn't cut it with no flash, but I wanted something to help me remember this super-fun night. I tend to think that if something isn't documented with photos, I won't remember it later & all the sweet moments of my life will be gone forever from my swiss-cheese memory.

For several years now we've said, "we really need to take the kids to a drive-in movie one of these nights!"
And we just haven't gotten around to it.
Til last Saturday night.
And we can't wait to go again.
Brian & I hadn't been to the Drive-ins since we were kids & our kids had never been. Some of them didn't even know what we were talking about!
But the weather could not have been more perfect, & a double feature of Diary of a Wimpy Kid & The Lightning Thief were playing, so we packed up the Suburban with pillows & blankets & camp chairs, picked up some 5Guys to go & headed out.

It was so, so fun!
And I was surprised at how good the picture & sound was.

Zane & Gus passed out during the second movie, as seen in the picture, but before that, during the first movie, I was sitting up in the back of the Suburban with these two littlest of mine on either side of me, both resting their heads on my big pregnant belly, happily watching the movie & covered in blankets, and I had one of those moments when you think to yourself, " OK, I want to remember this little moment right here, forever", and you click a secret picture in your head & hope it burns into your memory. (that was a super long run-on sentence)

We're totally going again before it gets too hot.
We better hurry!


Stephanie said...

Nicole! I LOVE Looking at your blog! You're so talented with the photography! How fun. What drive-in is that? I haven't been in years. What fun memories and what a fun family!

Hope your pregnancy is going well. I am DONE. My little Aidan is delicious. So fun you're having a girl. can't wait to see all the millions of pics when she arrives :-) (I need to get caught up)

Holly said...

We were there Saturday night too!!! Just watching a different movie, since we'd gone the week before to see the wimpy kid one. We LOVE going to the of our favorite things to do, for sure! We load our big ole beanbags in the back of the truck, gather yummy treats, and snuggle up for a good time!

So, so fun!

Kim Skinner said...

So funny - we were at the same double feature at the drive-ins...that same night! we love the drive-ins! wasn't it cold that night?!

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