Friday, May 20, 2011

and more Easter....

We really get into our egg-coloring.  Not that we're very good at it.  We just think it's so fun.


Then the egg hunts.
There are usually several, since it's just as fun to hide the eggs as it is to find them.  So everyone wants a chance to do both.

I liked this spot.

Gus hid this one.

And since it was so nice outside, we brought dinner out to the front yard.

It was a beautiful, peaceful Easter Sunday. 
With so much to be thankful for.


sherry said...

Every mom should have a nice camera and awesome photography skills...beautiful shots.

Jill Ison said...

every easter we dye eggs and then i read you blog and think oh yeah!!! i forgot, PAINT the eggs Jill, paint. why can't I remember that until i see your blog?

next year... paint.

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