Friday, May 6, 2011

Pine Wood Derby 2011

Brian's hard work paid off this year.  And he should be pretty good at this by now!
Zane's  'Black Hornet'  took first place!
Caroline was a little tuckered out by all the excitement.

I somehow never got a picture of just Zane with his winning car. But I love this group shot.  Because I'll blink, and all these little guys will be leaving on missions.
So, five Pine Wood Derbys down, three to go.  Woohoo!!


Cindy said...

I stumbled on your blog from 71toes. Love it and all your beautiful photos. I was also enjoying the streamers they have up in your building. How on earth did they do that and is that light fixture really working?! I'm a Bishop's wife and always looking for cool new ways to make the building look cool for activities! ;)

Jill Ison said...

you got nicely colored images inside the cultural hall. YOU ARE MY NEW HERO :). j/k, you've always been my hero.

romanya vizesi said...

very good picture

Amy Ruben said...

I love these pictures! Do you know who put up the chandelier and fabric?

Karen Jackson said...

Hi Nicole… nice blog! Enjoyed seeing your pictures and being a fly on the wall for just a few minutes in the Mason household… lovely family! I got a kick out of the pinewood derby pictures… those rolls of vinyl and chandelier were for my daughter's wedding reception that took place that very next night. Kara McDowell did a beautiful job! Happy blogging… maybe someday I'll begin my own with my fam! Thanks for the inspiration!

Karen Hallsted Jackson

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