Sunday, May 29, 2011


Oh man, are we ever head-over-heels in love with this baby.
I swear, I don't think a day goes by without either Brian or I saying how glad we are that we had this one.

She's 11 months in these pictures.  And I'm crying thinking that she's almost a year.

We delight in every girly thing she does. 
How she loves necklaces & tries to put them on.  How she loves playing with shoes.  How she watches me so intently when I'm putting on makeup.  How she loves to dance.  How she gets scared & startled so easily. How she loves to be chased.  And how she cuddles up to her Daddy.

Oh yes, we're smitten.


Jaime said...

Seriously, Nicole. Posts like these should come with a warning. A few days in advance.

"Attention, people. In a few days, I am going to post some YUMMY pictures of the most beautiful baby in the world. Hold on to your ovaries. Thank you."

She is just precious!!

Anonymous said...

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amy said...

LOVE the photos. So much personality.

Felicity said...

She is SO gorgeous and as always your photos are AMAZING!! I would LOVE to know how ALL of your pictures are so crisp and you only use natural light?? AMAZING!

Maryanne said...

Nicole, I somehow came across your blog....can't remember how but, you know how it goes; link, link, link! I absolutely LOVE your photos! Wow, you have some serious talent. Would you mind sharing HOW you get your photos to look so great - the color, the crispness? I have 5 children and my favorite thing is to photograph them. I have a great camera, lens, etc and I think I do okay with composition but my biggest issue is post-processing! I canNOT get my photos to look the way I want! I would love some tips. If you are willing to share, my email is Thanks a ton! ~Maryanne

magdalena.czapska20 said...


magdalena.czapska20 said...


Felicity said...

If you have time, I'd love some photo tips on here are incredibly talented and your photos are amazing!! :)

shawni said...

I love her too! Can't wait to snuggle her up soon!

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