Friday, May 13, 2011

Easter Sunday

My kids' favorite thing to do on Easter Sunday!  Get ready for church early so Mom can take pictures!

My little Easter princess in her super-cute Target dress.

Gus would only let me take a picture of him if Turtle the Pillow Pet was in it.

Princess had a hard time crawling in her pretty dress......
And she was a little upset about it......
Is that just the saddest face ever?
But I laugh so hard every time I look at it!  Holy drama queen!!

And probably my favorite picture.......

All of my guys.

Love it.


pakosta said...

oh the one of the guys is perfect! I see that as a big ol' canvas! your family is BEAUTIFUL! add one MORE boy in there and it's my family growing up! 5 boys + 2 girls!!! except she had the 5 boys first and then 2 girls! the trying for girls is what got her the 5 boys that she loves more than anything LOL!

Steph said...

Gorgeous pictures of your family--it's easy when you've got a good looking group like that. ;)

That first pic of the kids--look how grown up Gus looks the way he's standing! And I love that there's always some "buddy" of his eating a sandwich, going for a walk, hanging out before church!

Gorgeous girls, handsome guys!
Was glad to see you in there too--not enough pics of mama. :)


Amanda said...

LOVE your pics! beautiful family ;)

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