Thursday, May 19, 2011

Three Blind Mice

Neither Brian, nor I need glasses.  Yet all three of our oldest kids are practically blind!  What up?
We just recently realized that Max was blind.  He told me he was having a hard time seeing the chalkboard at school, so I started testing him, having him tell me when he could read a sign as we walked up to it.  And I couldn't believe how close he had to be before he could read it!

Thankfully, a pair of glasses solves the problem.  And he loves his glasses!

So far, Zane's eyesight is good.  And he's very proud of that fact, like he's the bionic kid or something.  He says he has good eyes because he eats alot of carrots.  I told him, "Good thing!  You better keep eating those carrots!"  And he nods in all seriousness.


Nichole said...

They look adorable!

Anonymous said...

Glasses are so chic now. I'm proud to wear mine as is my husband. The kids look fantastic and stylish.

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