Monday, December 22, 2008

Grandma's Christmas jammies!!

Grandma made all the grandkids Christmas jammies..........
Each pair was different.........

And sooooooo cute!

We wish everyone could have been at the Christmas party.........

.......cuz it was crazy fun!

We had a BUMLOAD of Mexican food,
Jolie found the almond in the cake (we think) & won the mystery gift,
We played Bingo with prizes for the winner of each game,
After not winning the first several games, Zane threw his Bingo board & declared, "I'm done with this!",
We opened Grandma & Grandpa's gifts & took pictures.
All the while, Jen & Cory were still stuck in LA traffic when they should have been HERE!!
We had some seriously fun family parties this year, back-to-back, and I must say....... rather glad they're over!
check mark!!!

1 comment:

shawni said...

Great fun to have SO many cousins right there jammies.

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