Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh What Fun....... is to play.........a Christmas family kickball game!!!!!

After a little soup in bread bowls, we all ran over to this softball field for a little kickball & hot cocoa. We even set up a sound system to play Christmas music that made it even better!

Team Red claims that the game was rigged (poor sports) , since Team Green, made up of all the little kids, won the game.
But, the truth is, those elementary school kids know their kickball! ....... And the teenagers were a little rusty on their kickball skills!
Maybe next year, girls!!

It was a great time!!
Then, we went back to our house to open gifts..........

Poor Jenni broke her femur 2 weeks ago & made the drive down from Flagg, through snow, to be here!
We're SO glad they made it.

Mars is so lucky to have all these cute cousins right around her age.
We love, love, love our cousins!!!

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Jacqueline said...

Great pictures of your family. Looks like the Mason's had a wonderful Christmas party. You are all so lucky to live so close to each other!

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