Friday, December 5, 2008

My little photo assistant

Gus loves getting his pictures taken, and after each one he wants to "see it" on the LCD screen. He mimics everything I do these days, so if I leave my camera unattended, he's right there looking through it & pushing buttons.......NOT GOOD!

We had a little down time during a shoot, so he was modeling for me.

My little buddy.

We attempted some potty-training the other day...............didn't go so well.

My favorite thing right now is how he says Christmas......"Himmiss" it!

I had to include this one of my favorite little model.

Does the camera love her or what??!!

Work it Sadie!


shawni said...

ok that does it, I'm coming over to check out your lights.

HELLO my name is Jill said...

oh my gosh those are the cutest ever! Do I always say that?? It's always true! how do you do that??

Nikolaus Family said...

Seriously, Gus is so freakin' cute! I LOVE him! We are definitely coming for Dad's Birthday par-tay, and Kelly's Reception. I'm so excited to see you! Justin and Chance can't stop talking about seeing your boys! Do you think you might be able to take a couple pictures of all of us while we're there? :) You're the BEST SISTER EVER!!!!

Kim Skinner said...

Thanks for the comment. As you can see, I have already been peeking at your photography masterpieces (thanks to a tip from Michelle). We have lots of common friends. I love your candor and wit too.
Kim Skinner

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