Friday, December 12, 2008

only as high as i reach can i grow
only as far as i seek can i go
only as deep as i look can i see
only as much as i dream can i be.
- karen ravn

I love watching my babies sleeping.
Especially toddlers for some reason.............maybe because the peaceful stillness is so OPPOSITE of the wakefulness.
I've always wanted to take pictures of this boy sleeping, but there's never enough available light when it's sleeping time.
Well, today I got my chance....... due to his recent discovery that he is capable of climbing out of his crib.
That was a sad day.
No more naps.
No more extra me-time in the morning while he's playing in his crib.
Now we have some random middle-of-the-night refrigerator foraging, every light turned on, waking us up at 4 AM with a "Mom......Diego on."
Like this morning.......I think it was 3:30.......and he wasn't about to go back to Brian slept a little on the couch while putting on about 6 Diegos in a row.
Soooooo......guess who passed out around 10:00 this morning?????
In my room, with some great window light coming through.......
Brian might not agree, but it was SO worth it!


Erin L said...

I agree with the sleeping toddlers thing. The other morning my baby woke up and I while I was feeding him I just watched my little 2 year old sleep. She looked so happy and content. I wish I would've taken a picture.

Joy said...

I'm with you Nic, SO worth it! Unbelievable photos, as usual.

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