Monday, December 8, 2008

Of puzzles, parades, & garden pots

We love puzzles!!!
Well, everyone but Brian. He thinks they're a collossal waste of time........maybe he's right.........but it's a really fun waste of time!
We only have them out during the holidays & we love staying up late, hanging out around the puzzle, eating snacks, listening to Christmas music, Christmas tree lights's a big part of Christmas for me.

The annual City of Queen Creek Parade.
Our office has had a float in it for a few years now (Thanks Del T.)
The kids think it's pretty fun. They wear these little tooth costumes & hand out promotional bags of stuff to people along the way.
It went really well this year. Last time Max almost got run over by the float!

Garden pots!
Max & Mars are growing a bunch of flowers & vegetables for YW & Scout projects.
These are beet sprouts.
It was really exciting to watch everything sprout. We can't keep the pots in the back or the bunny will eat them!!


✬Sydnee✬ said...

The parade looks fun! It looks nice and warm, too. We are getting chilly.

✬Sydnee✬ said...

oops. this is actually Jen. NOt sure why I'm posting as Sydnee!

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