Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adventures in Idaho......part 1

Wow! We loved this trip.

This place had everything.

We hiked.  We jet-skied.  We kayaked.  We cliff-jumped.  We boated.  We beached it.  We picnicked.  We white-water rafted.  We picked huckleberries.  We ate lots of icecream.  And we spent some days just hanging out in the cabin all day, playing Settlers & doing puzzles. 

Just our family.

For two whole weeks.

It was dreamy.

OK, not always dreamy.

It was some seriously intense family time & I'm thinking we don't need to have Family Home Evening for months.

But I'd still call it dreamy.

And much more action-packed than I expected it to be.  Baby and all.

We got to know this cute little town of McCall pretty well by the time we left.

We knew where to get the best pizza (Home Town Pizza), and where to get the best wings to go (Lardo's) .  We found the best little bakery (Flight of Fancy) with things like huckleberry lemon cake & awesome cinnamon rolls.
We shopped at Paul's Market & hit the McCall Candy Shop.
And then there's Ice Cream Alley.  I think we went there every other day!

And the lake!  We knew there was a lake nearby, but we were not prepared to be totally blown away by it's awesome-ness!  It was the most beautiful lake I have ever seen.  So obviously, we wanted to spend alot of time there.

Along the road to our cabin.  I love this picture.

I love farmer's markets & this one was so great. There were baskets of potatoes that were just dug from the ground that morning!  This city girl was in heaven!  And there was tons of fresh meat from ranchers in the area.  We picked up some ribeye steaks that were the best we've ever had.  Yee-haw!

So here's our cabin.
Also known as the McCall Nintendo Detox Center. No video games of any kind were allowed.  They went through withdrawals for a day or two, and then the most amazing thing happened.  They were OK.  They didn't die.  They read books & drew pictures & played Risk & Ticket to Ride.
It was miraculous.
The wrap-around porch was awesome, but we could have done without the mosquitoes.  We had to be all Off-ed up to go out there.
We finished four puzzles & played Settlers a ton.
Brian discovered his inner grill-man on this trip.  He was so into it. And he made us some great stuff!
The kids were perfectly happy to not leave the cabin all day & just play board games.  They love it.  I do too.


Ben and Amberly said...


Nelson Family said...

This looks like it was so much fun! I am also jealous. I think it would be so wonderful to leave the video games behind...

Holly said...

Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures! A dear friend from high school lives there and I keep telling Brett we just need to make a trip up there. Dang...we just need some time! Love all of the pictures!!!

Jen said...

So AMAZING Nicole!! What a beautiful place!

Nella said...

You take the most amazing pictures! I love your honest writing and I'm impressed at how your family really knows how to have fun! I don't remember how I found your blog to begin with but I love checking in every so often. I live in St. George,UT and that lake looks very nice right about now. It's so hot today! Gotta love the desert in August!

Glenn and Natalie said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! I had never heard of the type of site I needed! I'm plotting vacations for 2011 so I visited the site to see if I could figure out what cabin you rented. Any chance you could let us know which rental you went with? It's so helpful to get travel feedback from other people--if a place was fun, clean, etc. Anyway, love your blog and your photography is truly inspired!

aubri said...

MY favorite place on earth! I've been to McCall every summer of my life except last year :(. It's the BEST!
Where did you stay?

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