Thursday, August 19, 2010

Adventures in Idaho........part 2

Family Pictures

I forced everyone to put smiles on their faces, spray themselves with Off, and indulge me in some family shots.

And told them they should feel lucky that we're only doing it once!

I could hardly sleep at night, envisioning all the photo-shoots that could be done among the fabulous, natural, no-man-made-things-around, backdrops everywhere!  So I had to try to get something with all of us in it.

By the time we found the perfect spot & set up the tripod, the sun was getting kind of low, then kept going behind clouds.  Not ideal.  But anyway, I would push the self-timer button, then run to my spot, yell at everybody to look at the camera, fluff up my hair, and then try to look relaxed & happy.......not harried & sweaty like I really was.  Then run back to the camera to do it again.......and again........and again.  And guess which picture was the winner?  Yep.  The very first one.

Aaaahhh.  So worth the hassle.


Nichole said...

Love the pictures!!


Awesome Family picture!!

Amanda said...

So V E R Y perfect! Love it!! Beautiful happy smiling family.

Tracey said...

Gorgeous pictures. Gorgeous FAMILY!
love your photography... your my idol

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