Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Adventures in Idaho.......part 5 & final!

WOW!  Finally! The last of our Idaho trip pictures.

The lake......
Payette Lake, to be exact.
It's  fabulous!
We spent a glorious day at the North Beach area.
We packed a picnic and stayed all day.
Marlee read an entire book!

The water was a little chilly, and poor Zaners, with his lack of body fat, was not loving it!

The day before we left, we went on a huckleberry-hunting hike.
This is huckleberry country, we found out.  They grow wild up in the mountains, and we were there for the very beginning of huckleberry season.  And boy did we find some!  The boys really got into it.  We took home a bunch and made huckleberry lemonade.
This ended up being one of my most favorite hikes of all time.  I wished we had more time to explore this creek.  It was  so pristine and clear!
Max was convinced that there were real gold flakes in the sand, so he was obsessively trying to collect some the whole time.
It was such a kid's paradise.  We could have set up camp & stayed forever!
But, it was time to pack up the cabin & head home.
Good times!
I can't wait to go back some day.  But next time we'll splurge on a place right on the lake!


The McGraths said...

as always awesome pics! One of these days I would LOVE to just sit and watch you edit pics. I promise I won't even talk! I will just sit there, snuggle your baby and watch you work. Doesn't that sound like fun? I also want to know what book Marlee was reading?

Katie said...

Thank you for sharing all these fun photos of McCall.
I'm so glad you had a great, great time.

We truly love it as well.

You can always use McCall as a back-up plan for the 4th of July, if for some reason San Diego doesn't work out that summer. McCall is great fun on the 4th, too!

MadameMe said...

You have a beautiful family, and I have loved reading your blog! Your photos are great, what camera are you using? Think I will hang around a while, thanks for sharing!

Jill said...

Wow, I don't even remember how I ended up on your blog but your photography is inspiring. I love how your capture the everyday life. What lens and postprocessing do you use. Wow!!

Nelson Family said...

I love huckleberries! I used to live in Northern Idaho and everyone had their secret huckleberry picking spot. If you wanted to go with them to pick them you had to seriously be blindfolded so you couldn't make it back to their spot on your own. It is seriously stuff to them. I don't blame them though, they are HEAVENLY!

Jackie said...

Your photography is beautiful! I would also like to know what camera and lens you use.

Kristy said...

oh my goodness that was beautiful. just popped over from 71 toes :O)

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