Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Day of School 2010

This was a big day for most of us.

For me it was a big deal because I now have a child in high school. 
It was totally trippy dropping her off in the same spot I was dropped off at when I was in high school.  Twenty-plus years ago.....yet doesn't seem like that long ago.  I know everyone says that, but it hit me really hard.  I was sitting in my Suburban, still in my work-out clothes, watching her gather her stuff & walk away, and I was hit with all these random memories & feelings.....mostly of self-conciousness & inadequacy.....and here I was dropping my daughter off into that same world.  It was a moment.

I've been afraid that this school year is going to be super-nuts, since I will have one in high school, one in junior high, two in elementary, one in pre-school, and a new baby (is she still considered a new baby?) .
It's so Mormon of me, isn't it?
And as anyone knows who has a couple kids in school, it's a full-time job just keeping on top of the over-seeing of homework & signing papers & Star Student posters & teacher requests for snacks or other needed things & science projects, etc., etc. 
And then the sports seasons start up.

So I'm a little nervous.

But I'm sure not as nervous as Jake on his first day of junior high!  He was up 3 hours early.  Pacing the floor & studying the map of the school.

Super-cute Sophomore Mars.

Something really great about this school year is that I don't have a junior high carpool.  Boys, unlike girls, are OK riding their bikes to school.  Loving that!
And there's a whole group of 7th grade boys in our neighborhood that all ride together.

Max's first day of 5th grade, with Mr. Werner.
And Zane's first day of 2nd grade, with Mrs. Trujillo.
Max was pretty excited.  Zane, not so much.
I was afraid Zane might fall over backwards with his huge backpack full of school supplies!

Then Gus starts his new pre-school next week, which we both can't wait for.  And it's three days a week this year.  Yay!
He is so, so ready!


Leigh said...

Now, now Nicole. You'd REALLY be Mormony if you were sperminated at Marlee's (am I spelling her name right?) wedding... just sayin'.

Praise the Lord, Hallelujah - school's back in sesh!

shawni said...

All your talking about the things we do once school is in session before the sports even start up made me sick to my stomach. My hand is already aching from writing up all those student info. forms for five kids. But they sure are happy.

I'm SO in for the photoshoot idea. Let's do it. When?? We can make that happen now that school's back in and after those stacks of paper are filled out, right? How about next week?

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