Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Adventures in Idaho........part 4

One of our hikes took us through part of the Ponderosa State Park to a lookout over Payette Lake.
It was awesome.
Two miles round-trip.  Which was just right for these little legs we had with us.

And Caroline was a little trooper.

We stuffed blankets around her to keep her from slumping over, then sprayed her legs with Off.  She snoozed most of the time.

Max was so sweet & helpful with Gus.  I love this picture above.  Totally candid.  Max holding Gus' hand, and Zane handing them a flower he picked.  Zane's my flower-picker.  He was always picking a bouquet for somebody.  Love it.

There were gobs of the hugest dandelions up there!
Taking a little break.

Little peanut was so good!

Taking in the view.
Jake said this hike was nothing compared to his scout camp hike.
We were all very impressed.

Then we piled in the car & headed for Ice Cream Alley.

One day we rented a couple of jet-skis.
I think this was Marlee's favorite part of the whole trip.
They all loved it.  I hung out on the beach with the baby & tried to read my book.

One afternoon we played a little frisbee at our favorite beach park and watched a big storm roll in.
I took these of my baby, who likes to smile and coo at us, before it started getting really windy.
Eventually we had to call it a day & run for the car.

We rented a pontoon boat one day & toodled around the lake like a bunch of old people.
It was  totally awesome.
I wished I had remembered to bring some cards or dominoes!
I loved looking at all the freaking sweet lake houses.  Hmmmm.  I'll take that one.........
.......or this one will do.

Chilling and snacking on the boat.

We came across a cliff-jumping area & Marlee, Jake & Max just couldn't resist.
Such adrenaline junkies!

And who can pass up a lake trampoline?!
Thank you nice people (with the amazing place that I wish I could have) for letting us play on your trampoline!
Aahhhhh.  Just another fabulous day in McCall, Idaho.


Amanda said...

Wow, that place is amazing! Ok we're moving to Idaho :)

Mom of 5 said...

I am telling my family we have to vacation in Idaho next summer!! How was the weather when you were there?? Also isn't that house the one from Cheaper by the Dozen 2?! It looks familiar. You have a beautiful family and they all look SO HAPPY!

johnsonteammom said...

I so want to go to McCall Idaho now...with you guys. I just finished a class called Travel Writing. You should write an article about your trip cause you sure inspired me.

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