Friday, August 20, 2010

Adventures in Idaho.......part 3

I love kayaking.  But someone had to hang out with Caroline........we tried to kayak with her, but she didn't really fit into a life jacket & was screaming her head she & I watched from the shore.  Some of the kids had never kayaked before, so it was a fun, new experience.  And the scenery doesn't get much better.  Jake even worked on a kayaking scout badge while he was at it.

Right next door to Ice Cream Alley was this cute place called Mountain Monet where you could paint pottery & make jewelry.  So we spent an afternoon there one day.  Max was in heaven!
We made some super cool stuff.

One day, we stopped to play at this beach area.

And we discovered that there were globs of clay in the sand.  Quite a bit of it.
So the kids started to collect it.
And made a big clay ball.

Then one thing led to another..........

.......til they looked like this!
Frightening, I know.   The teeth, I mean.  Good thing Dad's on Orthodontist!

Did I mention that we ate alot of ice cream?
It was just so good, & huge scoops, for so cheap!
We'll never forget our Ice Cream Alley.  We even got to calling it ICA for short.
Max usually got mint chocolate chip.  Jake usually got double-fudge brownie (when it wasn't already gone).  Zane & Mars would usually get Butterfinger blast.  And Gus would always get rainbow sherbet.
And Brian & I sure liked the chocolate peanut butter!

I had brought a bunch of craft supplies for the boys to make boats to float down the creek.  And man were they into it!  We had boat-making stuff all over the kitchen table for a week!
Then we took them down to the river for some boat races.
Max's had a dock that it was tied to.  So cute.
Then we watched & cheered them on.
The ones that got stuck then became rock-throwing targets & they were 'bombed' and destroyed.  This became the highlight of the day.

I could have left these guys here & come back a week later, and they'd still be throwing rocks!
Such boys!!

We loved this little park, right on the lake.  And we loved how it was never crowded.
We'd pick up some pizzas & wings and bring a frisbee & blanket and hang out til the sun went down.
Which wasn't until 10!
The cutest little face in the  whole wide world!
And the cutest little bum in the whole wide world!

And I love how she curls up her toes like that.


Meaghan said...

HI, I found your blog awhile ago and I love it :) You have a very cute family and AMAZING pictures! Just thought I would let you know I am reading it.


jill said...

I've been following Shawni's blog for a while and I found yours off of hers...I love your blosite! I think I connected with you because I just had my fourth baby boy <7 weeks ago> (and my oldest is a girl)! I fell in love with your family and gave my daughter hope that she might someday have a sister!! Your photography is AWESOME--I wish I lived in Arizona to hire you. Thanks for sharing your talent and letting me read about your cute family adventures!! I loved the idea about your boys making boats--my boys would go crazy over that. Would you mind if I asked what cabin your rented? It looked dreamy--I would love to rent it for my family in the future! Thanks for sharing!!....Jill

Lisa said...

Looks like a fun trip! I love love that cute little outfit at the end of Caroline. Where did you get that? I must get one for my new little girl!!!

I have never ever thought of going to McCall for a vacation. I grew up in Southern Idaho and had no idea the beauty it holds. My boys would be in heaven playing in all that mud and water. Was your cabin right on the lake? I am always looking for vacation rentals that sit on lakes for that very reason. We are looking at going to Seattle next summer to stay on a beach front property but maybe I ought to look into McCall! Would you recommend the cabin location and accomadations? If so, do you mind shooting me an email as to which one it was? Thanks! BTW, your pictures are amazing and so impressed that you got a family photo. Isn't it the truth that it usually is the first or second one that turns out the best? I think our family Christmas card this year will be the announcement of the princess...she is due to arrive in mid November.

shawni said...

Nicole, seriously, how in the world do you guys pick such great places to vacation in?? This looks like the BEST trip. Did everyone really get along great and do well for that long? You've inspired me to find some original, new places to go as a family. As always, I LOVE the pictures.

I'm totally on for Saturday.

HELLO my name is Jill said...

how do you keep having the most magnificent photos ever! Seriously I am still trying to figure out your tricks. Maybe I will just ask you someday. oh and can you please adopt me, thanks. i want to vacation with you :)

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