Sunday, January 9, 2011

Do As I'm Doing......

When all of my family was in town after Christmas, we tried to get a picture of Caroline and her two little cousins who were all born within a couple months of each other.

It didn't go that great.

One started crying immediately.  Caroline quickly joined in.  Then the other.

All I got were crying pictures.
And some drool & snot bubbles.

Caroline threw a major hissy.

Oh well.  We tried. 

I'm posting these & ignoring all the pictures from Christmas that I haven't even downloaded yet.  I hate being so behind.  It stresses me out & makes me wish I didn't even have a blog to worry about! 
Then earlier today, we were trying to remember what we did for Max's birthday last year, so I suggested we look it up on our blog.  Then we ended up gathered around the computer screen for half an hour, reminiscing & laughing as we looked back into our lives.  So many things I had forgotten.  So many moments we would have all probably forgotten if they hadn't been captured & frozen in time.
So it's a little stressful, but so worth it!


Nichole said...

Love the crying picture! You will always remember that photo shoot!

Tracy said...

Ahhh - I actually love the pics! They are not posed and all natural...shows life as it is! I would hang them proudly...tantrums and all!

Jess Litster said...

I think all your pictures are great...I always get so excited when you update because I love your photography! I think these pictures are great too! I'm all about "capturing the moment"...snot bubbles and all! What do you use for your background? It is awesome and keeps the focus on the babies! No distractions!

Jen said...

I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!!!!! I love these Nicole, so hilarious! Our kids were so not having that photo shoot! Funny how Caroline has her right arm out almost trying to push James out of her way! I love it! Even though they're crying, they still came out so cute! Ah, good memories! :)

pakosta said...

who cares about SMILES< these crying ones are even funnier! and you will look back in 10 years and think this is AWESOME! make sure to reenact this same shot every year! LOVE IT!

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