Sunday, September 21, 2008

"I'll Take Jake"

Yay for our new Vice-President!! We are SO PROUD!
It was a tough campaign, but our man worked hard & delivered a great speech & was victorious!!!
So.... now I'm wondering how a kid who can't seem to figure out how to flush a toilet, or get his dirty clothes into the laundry basket is going to function as a school VP.
We'll pray for a miracle.
But I must say, this boy with his big chocolate-brown eyes just melts my heart. He is so sweet & always so sensitive to the needs of others. He's always looking after me , holding the door open for me, asking me how my day was, trying to help me out in any way he can.

I VERY reluctantly agreed to let him sign up for drums in Band. How could I say no to those chocolate-brown eyes??

"Don't worry Mom, I'll only practice in the garage", he told me.

Well, I'm happy to report that he hardly ever practices!!

So it's worked out great so far!

We love you Jake & Congrats!!!!


J. Crew said...

Congratulations to Jake! That is awesome!

Julie Huish said...

Congratulations! And I have to tell you that I still remember Brian's speeches in high school. One year he had the music from Amadeas (I don't know how to spell it) blasting with the words changed to "Brian Mason, Brian Mason". The lights were going off and on. It was AWESOME! Westwood had never seen anything like it!

Nichole said...

Congrats Jake! You will be a great leader! Nice mom to let Jake do the drums. Blake has been begging me to get a drum set. He took his 2nd best option and now he is playing the sax.

Spuhlers said...

okay, that is soooo funny with Julie's comment (sorry Julie, don't know you, but my husband may) because to this day... Dave will quote or sing that speech. Strange, I know, but somehow it comes up in conversation here and there, and he too thought it was awesome! Congrats to your son!!

Spuhlers said...

okay, Julie, it's julie funk! sorry....

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