Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Valley Ho weekend

My man. He's the shizzle.
He butters my muffin, lights my fire, stokes my flame, wets my whistle, rocks my world.
He's the bomb!
We had so much fun last weekend staying local at the Valley Ho. It's so retro & funkalicious!
Our room had a bathtub in the middle of the room! Groovy. With a cool blue light over it, so when there's water in it, it reflects all over the ceiling. How would we know that? Uh huh. How could we not try it out!
A little shopping, a little Trader Vic's, a little time away from the monkeys, FABULOUS!!


Leigh said...

That's what I'M talking about!! That place is the bomb, Fo' Sho! Tommy especially liked the "wet my whistle" part.

Holly said...

Ha ha! You both crack me up!

shawni said...

Yes Nicole, we definitely need to get together. Man your pictures are really so amazing! And we did the exact same date as you guys for our anniversary...Valley Ho, Trader Vics, etc. Fun times.

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