Thursday, September 4, 2008

Random Thursday

Mars was in a good mood the other day so we had a little photo shoot.
Good thing.
The next day she plucked half her eyebrows off. Unsupervised first-timer plucking - NO GOOD!

My angel baby. He's such a happy morning boy. And I love how he smells in the morning! Pee-pee diaper & everything! (Is that weird? Am I the only one?) LOVE. IT. Yummy!!

Why can't Lego sell the Lego guys by themselves??? WHY? I have to spend $100 to get 2 must-have clone troopers!! ACK!!

I wasted a ton of time yesterday cleaning out the playroom. Why do I bother? Legos in every nook & cranny! But, they sure do play with them. It's a love/hate relationship.


Noelle said...

I say for the most part boys are easier than girls...except when it comes to boys and thier toys! I share your pain.

Banks Family said...

Your baby is so cute, I'm glad to see other Mother's feel the same way about clone troopers...I can't believe I even know what they are!

Nichole said...

I am hearing you on the legos. We have them coming out our ears! We have had many tears over things that have been built and destroyed. My boys would be very jelous of your boys lego guys spread.

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