Monday, October 27, 2008

"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." - Oscar Wilde

This one is definitely one-of-a-kind.
I wish there was some way to bottle him up right now at 6 years old to open up when I'm old & gray (already happening) to enjoy his funny little view of the world in all it's quirky glory whenever I wanted to......
He missed his soccer game this weekend because of a tragic injury.
At his brother's basketball game the night before, he was running around barefoot under the bleachers & somehow tore half of one of his toenails off. Oh, the trauma & blood-curdling screaming!!!
And this poor toe happens to be on his kicking foot.....the one that made all 9 goals at last week's soccer game.
Before you get too impressed, let me just note that he is the oldest player, at 6 years old, on a team of mainly 4-year-olds & some 5-year-olds........not that he doesn't have skills........but he's got 2 years on most of these little guys, with their little tiny shin guards running the full length of their little legs.........
Anyhoo, Zane was very concerned that his team would have to play without their "star player", as he calls himself.
Apparently we've maybe been a little TOO complimentary on the sidelines.
So he tells me, in all seriousness & truly worried, that "Someone else will have to be the star player this time."
I think they'll manage.


Michelle said...

So cute :)

Holly said...

Ha! Well, we love this little guy too! He cracks me up when he is over to play. Love the pictures and the quote!

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