Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Praised Behavior Continues

I try to keep in mind, throughout the day, this little phrase, straight from child psychology textbooks.

Praised Behavior Continues.

Because it works like a dream!

Yet, some days it can be such a gosh darn challenge to find something the slightest bit praiseworthy!!

It was a rough morning getting the kids off to school today.

One of my boys (who shall remain anonymous), does not find it necessary to wear underwear lately.......I've resorted to daily underwear checks.

So this leads me to my one & only praiseworthy behavior so far today.

"Great job! You put some undies on this morning!!"

I have high hopes for tomorrow.


Michelle said...

AH.... going commando.
ha ha hah a

Banks Family said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one doing daily underwear checks. I'm glad to see others are going through what I am. Every morning I wake up and pray it will be a good day. I never knew I'd have to know how to discipline my kids...I guess I don't know what I thought! My Mom tells me it's just boys, that's why we are praying for project x.

Nichole said...

Love it! That is hilarious! My morning was crazy too! Glad us mothers are all together in this!

Noelle said...

I told one of mine that if he gets caught withou undies at school, he goes to the principals office. It the schools rules. Works like a charm

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