Sunday, October 19, 2008

October Break

For October break this year,
we went to.........



The weather was AWESOME!!

So we hung out outside alot (when I could pull the kids away from the Wii, that is).

Daisy got fed a bunch of crap she shouldn't have.......

This little gang of neighbor kids came walking down the street.

I bribed them with suckers to sit for a picture.

I love this picture, because I'm going to blink, and these guys will all be teenagers..... driving too fast down our street, instead of riding their bikes & setting up lemonade stands.
Lovin' Zane's gang signs.

It was SO NICE to not have anything scheduled & just chill out & work on some projects.

I Crave unscheduled time these days.

Too much busy-ness just seems to make time fly by even faster........and appreciate it less.
How does one slow it down??? How??

It's all about smelling roses, I suppose.........and that reminds me of all my sad rose bushes I've ignored over the summer that need some serious tender loving care!!

1 comment:

Megan said...

Really enjoyed looking at your blog..color is great..and looks like your kiddos reallyenjoy themselves..

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