Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just Gus & I

It's just my Gus & I at home these days.
He gets a little bored with me (always trying to sneak away to my computer) & is so happy when all the big kids come home from school, with all their noise & chaos.
So I tried to take some self-portraits of us........not the most flattering angle.........but I love Gus's expressions. He's my little buddy & is actually pretty fun to take on errands....... for a 2-year-old, unlike some of his siblings that I did not DARE take ANYWHERE if at all possible (Max) , unless I was up for some public humiliation.
He doesn't try climbing out of the grocery cart, hardly ever cries or whines, he really just LOVES being out & about!
I'm loving this one-on-one time with my little Gus...........knowing all too well how this time flies by sooooo fast!!


Leigh said...

Holy cow, Nicole! You look JUST like Marlee in pic #2. I have to keep reminding myself everyday that they grow up way too fast, too. Cute pics!

p.s. I was a little disappointed to hear last night that you've decided against the skanky Red Riding Hood costume. ;)

shawni said...

These are so cute Nicole. Man and the last post pictures...amazing. I want to get up to Flagstaff right now! I miss the Fall colors so much. I was in Mesa the other day thinking how I wish I had time to call and stop by. Why can't life just slow down? WHY?? Is it because I just keep saying yes to things? Hmmm.

1photochick said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog! What a beautiful family you have, and your photographs are wonderful!

Feel free to keep in touch!

Shannon Baker

Megan said...

Omgosh..WAY cute~!

Lisa said...

so cute! I love my time with my 3 yr old too! That is such a fun and cute age. Before we know it they will be grown and gone and all we will have to remember are these cute photos. Thanks for the reminder!

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