Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wish we were there.......

Just a few more pix of Kauai, because I'm SO wishing we were there right now.
And, I never posted any pictures of our big 8-mile jungle hike along the NaPali coast.

Taking a little break.

I love this.

"Can you believe it?"

"No way! You're kidding!!"

Amazing sea cave that went in one side of a cliff & out the other!

I did not touch the color on this picture (taken by Evan, BTW).

Four miles in we reached this incredible waterfall.

It's difficult to capture the scope of it.

We seriously underestimated our drinking water needs, so it was a rough hike out.

It was a bit Bataan Death March-ish. I think we were all dehydrated & hallucinating by the end.

The rest of the trip, if any of the kids heard the word 'hike', they completely FLIPPED OUT!

Hanalei taro fields.
I swear I do feed this kid!

What I'd do to be right there at sunset again.........


aubri said...

I'm snooping through Leighs blog. I have to say that I LOVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY!!! Excellent work!!!

Holly said...

Oh man...let's go! Ha! K - and I guess I could call you too, but I am SO ready for a photoshoot or hang out and do some photoshop talk or whatever. You just say the word and I am THERE! (these kids are driving me just a little bit nutso today - just a little!) I'll just need a little heads up to grab a sitter!

Banks Family said...

That looks amazing, I can't believe that place is real. I can see why you wish you were there! It looks like Heaven on Earth.

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