Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oh Baby!

This is baby Blake, our newest little cousin.
I'd forgotten how tiny these little guys are!
I want one!!!
I love his furry little shoulders. So precious!!
Did I mention how baby-hungry I am right now??


Julie Huish said...

Those are amazing pictures! What a sweet, beautiful baby. Almost makes me want another one. Well, not really. But they're sure cute to look at!

Melissa said...

Where to start? So many great posts. Blake is so darling and I am so excited for Collette and Shawn. That is awesome.
I look at your blog and can't believe your kiddos. I laughed so hard when I saw that Jake was running for Pres. He is so cute is so full of personality. I remember babysitting him years ago and he was a little "ham."
Dental school days look like the best. What a fun experience for you guys!
Love your blog, amazed by your pics, and your beautiful fam Nicole.

Rebecca said...

Cutest baby pics ever! No wonder you're baby hungry. How's that going anyway, still hoping for another girl?

Shawn and Colette Mecham said...

Nicole the pics turned out sooo cute I can't wait to show them to everyone. Thank you so much for taking the pictures for us and I hope Blake didn't ruin anything from peeing and pooping so much.

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